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OpenStructure is released under the LGPL Version 3 license

Version 1.3.3
openstructure 1.3.3 precise_x86
openstructure 1.3.3 lucid_x86
openstructure 1.3.3 centos6_x86
openstructure 1.3.3 centos5_x86
Version 1.3.2
openstructure 1.3.2 precise_x86
openstructure 1.3.2 lucid_x86
openstructure 1.3.2 centos6_x86
openstructure 1.3.2 centos5_x86
Version 1.3.1
openstructure 1.3.1 precise_x86
openstructure 1.3.1 lucid_x86
openstructure 1.3.1 centos_6.0
openstructure 1.3.1 centos_5.5
Version 1.3.0
openstructure 1.3.0 precise_x86
openstructure 1.3.0 lucid_x86
openstructure 1.3.0 centos_6.0
openstructure 1.3.0 centos_5.5
Version 1.2.4
openstructure 1.2.4 precise_x86
openstructure 1.2.4 lucid_x86
Version 1.2.2
openstructure 1.2.2 precise_x86
openstructure 1.2.2 lucid_x86
Version 1.2.1
openstructure 1.2.1 precise_x86
openstructure 1.2.1 lucid_x86
Version 1.2.0
openstructure 1.2.0 precise_x86
openstructure 1.2.0 lucid_x86
Version 1.1.0
openstructure 1.1.0 maverick_x86
openstructure 1.1.0 lucid_x86
openstructure 1.1.0 karmic_x86
Version 1.0.0a-2624
openstructure 1.0.0a-2624 lucid_x86
openstructure 1.0.0a-2624 karmic_x86
Version 1.0.0a-2548
openstructure 1.0.0a-2548 lucid_x86
openstructure 1.0.0a-2548 karmic_x86

Supported Distributions

The file archives have been created using the Ubuntu and CentOS linux distributions. To determine which file archive matches the linux version you are using, refer to the following table:

File ArchiveLinux Distribution
precise_x86Ubuntu 12.04 LTS Precise Pangolin 32bit
maverick_x86Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick Meerkat 32bit
lucid_x86Ubuntu 10.04 LTS Lucid Lynx 32bit
karmic_x86Ubuntu 9.10 Karmic Koala 32bit
centos_5.5CentOS 5.X or Red Hat Enteprise Linux 5.X 32bit
centos_6.3CentOS 5.X or Red Hat Enteprise Linux 5.X 32bit

The archives do not contain drivers for the graphic card on your machine. In order to fully appreciate the OpenStructure experience, you have to install the graphic drivers yourself and activate 3D acceleration. For more details please refer to the manufacturer of the graphic card, as this procedure is distribution and architecture specific.

These 32bit packages will work also on 64 bit machines, provided that the correct 32-bit compatibility libraries are installed (e.g. on Ubuntu please install the package 'ia32-libs').

To run it, follow this simple instructions:

Run it

  • Unpack the archive. If you are using a graphical desktop manager (like Gnome or KDE), this can be done by clicking on the file and selecting the appropriate option in the archiving tool application. If you are using a command line terminal, type:

        tar xvfz <archive-name>
  • Open a terminal, change to the package directory and then to the 'bin' subdirectory:

              cd <directory name>
              cd bin
  • Launch the graphical front end DNG:


    Or the OpenStructure console 'ost'


Financial Support

Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics

Biozentrum, University of Basel