Download for MacOS X

OpenStructure is released under the LGPL Version 3 license

Install It

The disk images below contain a full-fledged version of OpenStructure bundled with the graphical user interface. Important: You need MacOS 10.5 or later to run OST versions 1.1.x and MacOS 10.6 or later for OST versions 1.2.x.

Version 1.3.3
openstructure 1.3.3 x86-64
Version 1.3.2
openstructure 1.3.2 x86-64
Version 1.3.1
openstructure 1.3.1 x86-64
Version 1.3.0
openstructure 1.3.0 x86-64
openstructure 1.3.0 x86-64
Version 1.2.4
openstructure 1.2.4 x86-64
Version 1.2.2
openstructure 1.2.2 x86-64
Version 1.2.1
openstructure 1.2.1 x86-64
Version 1.2.0
openstructure 1.2.0 x86-64
Version 1.1.0
openstructure 1.1.0 x86
Version 1.0.1
openstructure 1.0.1 x86
  • Double click the Disk image and drag DNG to the application folder.

Run It

  • Run it by double clicking the application icon.
  • If you want to use OpenStructure from the command-line, choose Help -> Install Command Line Tool from the menu.

Financial Support

Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics

Biozentrum, University of Basel