Python Module Index

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ost.bindings Contains bindings for external programs
    ost.bindings.blast Search related sequences in databases
    ost.bindings.cadscore Compare protein structures by difference between physical contacts
    ost.bindings.clustalw Perform multiple sequence alignment
    ost.bindings.dockq Evaluate protein-protein interfaces
    ost.bindings.dssp Interface to the DSSP command line utility
    ost.bindings.hbplus Perform hydrogen bond analysis
    ost.bindings.hhblits3 Search related sequences in databases
    ost.bindings.kclust Perform fast and sensitive clustering
    ost.bindings.lga Find 3D similarities in protein structures
    ost.bindings.naccess Calculate accessible area of a molecule
    ost.bindings.tmtools Sequence dependent and independent structure superposition
ost.conop The conop modules implement different strategies to derive connectivity information of molecules.
    ost.conop.cleanup Contains functions to sanitize (cleanup) structures by using information from the compound library.
ost.geom Functions and classes for vectors, matrices and geometrical objects in 2, 3 and four dimensions
ost.gfx Realtime 3D Rendering
ost.img Images and density maps
    ost.img.alg Image processing algorithms Input and output of sequences, alignments, structures, images and density maps.
ost.mol Contains classes and functions to deal with molecular structures and surfaces
    ost.mol.alg Algorithms operating on molecular structures
    ost.mol.alg.qsscoring Scoring of quaternary structures
    ost.mol.alg.trajectory_analysis Wrapper for OpenMM molecular mechanics simulations
ost.seq Contains classes and functions to deal with sequences and alignments
    ost.seq.alg Algorithms for sequences
ost.settings Helper Functions to Locate Files and Retrieve Preferences
ost.table Working with tabular data
ost.testutils Helper Functions to Run Python Unittests