OpenStructure documentation

For Starters

Installation: install from source

Tutorial Style: introduction | molecules intro | images intro | graphics intro


Overview: molecules intro | mol overview | graphical entity | entity | queries | algorithms | mm

Trajectories: basics | analysis

Input/Output: loading and saving molecules

Connectivity: the conop module | compound library

Density Maps and Images

Overview: images intro | img module | img.alg module

Input/Output: loading and saving density maps

Sequences and Alignments

Overview: sequence module | sequence algorithms

Input/Output: loading and saving sequences


Overview: graphics intro

Main Classes: the scene | graphical entity

Graphical User Interface

Overview: module overview | organization tools

Widgets: python shell | sequence viewer


Datasets: tabular data

Supported File Formats: structure formats | sequence formats | sequence profile formats | image formats

Users: Reporting a problem

lDDT: lDDT command line executable and Python API

Molck: Molecular Checker

Actions: OST Actions

Database: Efficiently store structural data

Extending OpenStructure

External Tools: bindings

Howto: write new modules | integrate third-party tools | logging | instructions for developers