Graphical entities have an active selection. In essence this selection is a subset of atoms, residues, chains and bonds. The active selection is displayed with a green halo around the structure. The selection can be set either programmatically by using Entity::SetSelection() or interactively by using the selection tool.

See also
Loading and Displaying an Entity
1 eh=io.LoadEntity("fragment.pdb")
2 go=gfx.Entity("test",eh.CreateFullView())
3 ev = eh.Select(mol.Query("rnum=2,3,8,13"))
4 go.SetSelection(ev)
5 go.SetRenderMode(gfx.RenderMode.CUSTOM)
6 go.SetColor(gfx.YELLOW,"(ele=C and rnum=1:4)")
7 scene.Add(go)
8 scene.SetCenter(go.GetCenter())
10 scene.AutoslabMax()