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cadscore - Compare protein structures by difference between physical contacts

CADScore(model, reference, max_iter=300)

Calculates global and local atom-atom (AA) CAD Scores

  • model (EntityView or EntityHandle) – The model structure.
  • reference – The reference structure
  • max_iter – Optional. The maximum number of iteration for the tessellation algorithm before giving up. By default 300

The result of the CAD score calculation

Return type:



FileNotFound if any of the CAD score exacutables could not be located.


RuntimeError if the calculation failed

class CADResult(globalAA, localAA)

Holds the result of running CAD


The global CAD’s atom-atom (AA) score


Dictionary containing local CAD’s atom-atom (AA) scores.

Type:dictionary (key: chain.resnum (e.g.: A.24), value: CAD local AA score (see CAD Documentation online)



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