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Mixing PyQt and C++ WidgetsΒΆ

PyQt5 is a set of Python bindings for Qt5. The exposure from C++ to Python is done with SIP, which has a different mechanism than boost::python.

To access a exported boost::python Qt-Object from Python we provide a method which wraps the Object into a Python SIP Object.

seq_viewer = gui.SequenceViewer() # Create SequenceViewer Object
qobj = seq_viewer.qobject #Get Python SIP Object
print(qobj.size())   # Call function on QWidget

The other way around, each boost::python Qt Object accepts Python objects as input for Qt Objects. It handles the cast to a C++ Qt Object internally.

from PyQt5 import QtWidgets
persp = gui.GostyApp.Instance().perspective
test = persp.GetMenu("Test") #Get boost::python qobject
test_action = QtWidgets.QAction('&Test me', test) #Create Python SIP Object
test.addAction(test_action) #Add Action to boost::python object



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