OpenStructure is released under the LGPL Version 3 license

With 1.4.0 we discontinue static bundles for Linux. If you need help compiling from source, feel free to get in touch with us on the mailing list.

Stable Releases

Binaries for the stable releases are available for the following platforms. To download, chose your platform

Latest stable release is 1.8.0 (release notes)

No builds are available.

What is Included in the Bundle?

The bundle includes all the dependencies required to run OpenStructure, the commandline interpreter ost, the graphical user frontend DNG and contains many example files that illustrate the use of the framework. The bundles do not contain the header files required to write C++ extensions. If you intend to do that, you will have to compile OpenStructure manually.

Compiling from Source

Alternatively we also provide the source code. Get the source by checking out the code from git.

Compilation instructions can be found here.

Cloning the GIT repository is the best option if you would like to keep and up-to-date version of OpenStructure or would like to get involved in the development process.

Financial Support

Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics

Biozentrum, University of Basel