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GaussianLowPassFilter Class Reference

#include <fourier_filters.hh>

Inherits ConstModIPAlgorithm.

Public Member Functions

 GaussianLowPassFilter (Real limit=1.0)
virtual void Visit (ImageHandle &ih) const
void SetLimit (Real limit)
Real GetLimit ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from AlgorithmBase
const StringGetName () const
virtual ~AlgorithmBase ()

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from ConstModIPAlgorithm
 ConstModIPAlgorithm (const String &name)
 ConstModIPAlgorithm (const ConstModIPAlgorithm &a)
ConstModIPAlgorithmoperator= (const ConstModIPAlgorithm &a)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from AlgorithmBase
 AlgorithmBase (const String &n)
 AlgorithmBase (const AlgorithmBase &a)
AlgorithmBaseoperator= (const AlgorithmBase &b)

Detailed Description

Gaussian Low Pass Filter.

limit = cutoff in voxel sampling units

See also
Spoke Pattern Example

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ GaussianLowPassFilter()

GaussianLowPassFilter ( Real  limit = 1.0)

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Member Function Documentation

◆ GetLimit()

Real GetLimit ( )

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◆ SetLimit()

void SetLimit ( Real  limit)

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◆ Visit()

virtual void Visit ( ImageHandle ih) const

Implements ConstModIPAlgorithm.

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