OpenStructure 1.8.0

Release Notes

  • Introduced recipes to generate Docker and Singularity images.

  • Moved "nonstandard" functions from ost.conop to ost.mol.alg. Mapping

    functions CopyResidue, CopyConserved and CopyNonConserved that were previousely imported from ost.conop are now to be imported from ost.mol.alg.

  • Removed habit of changing secondary structure of entities when loading

    from mmCIF PDB files. Before, OST would turn secondary structure 'EEH' into 'ECH' to make it look nicer in DNG. Now, 'EEH' stays 'EEH'.

  • Added Molck API to the ost.mol.alg module.

  • Extended lDDT API in ost.mol.alg module to reproduce functionality of lddt

    binary and fixed issues in stereo chemistry checks there.

  • Added actions interface including one action to compare structures.

  • Updated HHblits binding (minor changes for optional arguments).

  • Added functionality to find optimal membrane position of protein.

  • Support for recent compilers which use C++-11 by default.

  • Several minor bug fixes, improvements, and speed-ups.

Compilation instructions can be found here.

Financial Support

Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics

Biozentrum, University of Basel