ConstSequenceList Class Reference

list of immutable sequences. More...

#include <sequence_list.hh>

Public Types

< ConstSequenceHandle,
typedef Iterator iterator

Public Member Functions

 ConstSequenceList ()
void AddSequence (const ConstSequenceHandle &sequence)
int GetCount () const
ConstSequenceHandle operator[] (int index) const
Iterator Begin () const
Iterator End () const
Iterator begin () const
Iterator end () const
bool SequencesHaveEqualLength () const
bool IsValid () const
ConstSequenceList Take (int n) const
ConstSequenceList Slice (int first, int n) const
ConstSequenceHandle FindSequence (const String &name) const
int GetMinLength () const
int GetMaxLength () const
impl::SequenceListImplPtrImpl () const
 ConstSequenceList (const impl::SequenceListImplPtr &impl)

Protected Member Functions

void CheckValidity () const

Protected Attributes

impl::SequenceListImplPtr impl_


class SequenceList

Detailed Description

list of immutable sequences.

The sequence list is reference counted and thus very cheap to pass around.

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Member Typedef Documentation

typedef Iterator iterator

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Member Function Documentation

void AddSequence ( const ConstSequenceHandle sequence  ) 
Iterator begin (  )  const [inline]

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Iterator Begin (  )  const
void CheckValidity (  )  const [protected]
Iterator end (  )  const [inline]

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Iterator End (  )  const
ConstSequenceHandle FindSequence ( const String name  )  const
int GetCount (  )  const

get number of sequences in list

int GetMaxLength (  )  const
int GetMinLength (  )  const
impl::SequenceListImplPtr& Impl (  )  const
bool IsValid (  )  const
ConstSequenceHandle operator[] ( int  index  )  const
bool SequencesHaveEqualLength (  )  const
ConstSequenceList Slice ( int  first,
int  n 
) const

create a sequence list from the given splice interval

ConstSequenceList Take ( int  n  )  const

create a sequence list consisting of n first sequences

if n is negative, the sequences taken from the end of the list

Friends And Related Function Documentation

friend class SequenceList [friend]

Definition at line 35 of file sequence_list.hh.

Field Documentation

impl::SequenceListImplPtr impl_ [mutable, protected]

Definition at line 74 of file sequence_list.hh.

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