EntityHandle Class Reference

Protein or molecule. More...

#include <entity_handle.hh>

Inherits ost::mol::EntityBase.

Public Member Functions

 EntityHandle (const impl::EntityImplPtr &)
 EntityHandle ()
EntityHandle Copy () const
void Swap (EntityHandle &eh)
void DeepSwap (EntityHandle &eh)
void Apply (EntityVisitor &v)
TorsionHandle FindTorsion (const AtomHandle &a1, const AtomHandle &a2, const AtomHandle &a3, const AtomHandle &a4) const
ChainHandleList GetChainList () const
AtomHandleList FindWithin (const geom::Vec3 &pos, Real radius) const
void SetDefaultQueryFlags (QueryFlags flags)
QueryFlags GetDefaultQueryFlags () const
EntityView Select (const Query &q) const
EntityView Select (const String &query_string) const
EntityView Select (const Query &q, QueryFlags flags) const
EntityView Select (const String &query_string, QueryFlags flags) const
EntityView CreateFullView () const
EntityView CreateEmptyView () const
int GetAtomCount () const
int GetResidueCount () const
int GetChainCount () const
int GetBondCount () const
mol::BondHandleList GetBondList () const
Real GetAngle (const AtomHandle &a1, const AtomHandle &a2, const AtomHandle &a3) const
Real GetAngle (const AtomView &a1, const AtomView &a2, const AtomView &a3) const
geom::Mat4 GetTransformationMatrix () const
geom::Mat4 GetInvTransformationMatrix () const
bool IsTransformationIdentity () const
geom::Transform GetTransform () const
void SetTransform (const geom::Transform &t)
bool HasTransform () const
void ClearTransform ()
void FixTransform ()
ResidueHandleList GetResidueList () const
AtomHandleList GetAtomList () const
geom::Vec3List GetAtomPosList (bool ordered_by_index=false) const
XCSEditor EditXCS (EditMode mode=UNBUFFERED_EDIT) const
ICSEditor EditICS (EditMode mode=UNBUFFERED_EDIT) const
EntityHandle GetHandle () const
bool operator== (const EntityHandle &ref) const
bool operator!= (const EntityHandle &ref) const
Center, Mass and Extent

geom::Vec3 GetCenterOfAtoms () const
Real GetMass () const
geom::Vec3 GetCenterOfMass () const
geom::AlignedCuboid GetBounds () const
Observer interface

void AttachObserver (const EntityObserverPtr &)
void DetachObserver (const EntityObserverPtr &)
Single item addressing

ChainHandle FindChain (const String &name) const
ResidueHandle FindResidue (const String &chain_name, const ResNum &number) const
AtomHandle FindAtom (const String &chain_name, const ResNum &number, const String &atom_name) const


class XCSEditor
class ICSEditor

Related Functions

(Note that these are not member functions.)

DLLEXPORT_OST_MOL EntityHandle CreateEntity ()

Detailed Description

Protein or molecule.

Molecules such as proteins and ligands are all represented as entities in OpenStructure. To work with subsets of atoms, residues, chains and bonds, refer to EntityView

Entities consist of zero or more chains of residues. The interface of entities is tailored to proteins, but is not limited to that. An entity may also represent a ligand or a collection of water molecules - hence the rather generic name. A new, empty entity is created with CreateEntity(). Atoms, residues, chains and bonds are added,removed or manipulated via editors.

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

EntityHandle ( const impl::EntityImplPtr  ) 

internally used ctor

EntityHandle (  ) 

default ctor. creates invalid handle.

Member Function Documentation

void Apply ( EntityVisitor v  ) 

visitor interface

void AttachObserver ( const EntityObserverPtr  ) 

attach observer

void ClearTransform (  ) 

remove transform

EntityHandle Copy (  )  const

copy entity, effectively duplicating the whole data structure

Alternative atom positions are not handled at all!

EntityView CreateEmptyView (  )  const

return a (new) empty view of this entity

EntityView CreateFullView (  )  const

return a (new) full view of this entity

void DeepSwap ( EntityHandle eh  ) 

deep swaps the implementations, effectively affecting _all_ entity handles that point to either

void DetachObserver ( const EntityObserverPtr  ) 

remove observer

ICSEditor EditICS ( EditMode  mode = UNBUFFERED_EDIT  )  const

Get editor for the internal coordinate system to manipulate torsions bond lengths and angles between bonds.

See also:
XCSEditor EditXCS ( EditMode  mode = UNBUFFERED_EDIT  )  const

Get editor for external coordinate system to manipulate atom positions.

See also:
AtomHandle FindAtom ( const String chain_name,
const ResNum number,
const String atom_name 
) const
ChainHandle FindChain ( const String name  )  const

Find chain by name.

Find chain within this entity with given name.

See also:
IsValid, FindResidue, FindAtom
The found chain, or an invalid chain handle if no such chain exists
ResidueHandle FindResidue ( const String chain_name,
const ResNum number 
) const
TorsionHandle FindTorsion ( const AtomHandle a1,
const AtomHandle a2,
const AtomHandle a3,
const AtomHandle a4 
) const

Search a specific torsion.

The order of atoms is important. For the torsion to exist, it must have been added before via AddTorsion.

the torsion or an invalid torsion handle if the torsion could not be found
See also:
DihedralAngle, SetDihedralAngle
AtomHandleList FindWithin ( const geom::Vec3 pos,
Real  radius 
) const

use atom hash to perform fast within lookup

void FixTransform (  ) 

write transformed pos to orig, and the clear tf

Real GetAngle ( const AtomView a1,
const AtomView a2,
const AtomView a3 
) const

Get angle in radians between bonds a1-a2 and a2-a3.

Real GetAngle ( const AtomHandle a1,
const AtomHandle a2,
const AtomHandle a3 
) const

Get angle in radians between bonds a1-a2 and a2-a3.

int GetAtomCount (  )  const

Get number of atoms of this entity.

To count the atoms of a specific chain or residue, use the respective method of ChainHandle and ResidueHandle.

See also:
ResidueHandle::GetAtomCount, ChainHandle::GetAtomCount, GetResidueCount
AtomHandleList GetAtomList (  )  const

get complete list of atoms

geom::Vec3List GetAtomPosList ( bool  ordered_by_index = false  )  const

get complete list of atom positions

int GetBondCount (  )  const

Get number of bonds.

mol::BondHandleList GetBondList (  )  const

Get list of bonds.

geom::AlignedCuboid GetBounds (  )  const
geom::Vec3 GetCenterOfAtoms (  )  const

Get entity's center of atoms (not mass weighted).

Returns the center of all the atoms in an entity. This is similar to GetCenterOfMass(), but the atoms are not mass weighted

geom::Vec3 GetCenterOfMass (  )  const

Get entity's center of mass (mass weighted).

int GetChainCount (  )  const

Get number of chains of this entity.

ChainHandleList GetChainList (  )  const

Get list of chains.

QueryFlags GetDefaultQueryFlags (  )  const

return default query flags

EntityHandle GetHandle (  )  const

get this handle

Useful for templated code and duck-typing in Python

geom::Mat4 GetInvTransformationMatrix (  )  const


Real GetMass (  )  const

Get entity's mass.

int GetResidueCount (  )  const

Get number of residues of this entity.

To count the atoms of a chain, use the GetResidueCount() of ChainHandle.

See also:
GetAtomCount, ChainHandle::GetResidueCount
ResidueHandleList GetResidueList (  )  const

get complete list of residues

geom::Transform GetTransform (  )  const

retrieve transformation of this entity

geom::Mat4 GetTransformationMatrix (  )  const


bool HasTransform (  )  const

checks whether a transform has been set

bool IsTransformationIdentity (  )  const


bool operator!= ( const EntityHandle ref  )  const
bool operator== ( const EntityHandle ref  )  const
EntityView Select ( const String query_string,
QueryFlags  flags 
) const

return view based on query String, specifying behavior flags

See also:
EntityView Select ( const Query q,
QueryFlags  flags 
) const

return view based on a query object, specifying behavior flags

See also:
EntityView Select ( const String query_string  )  const

return view based on query String.

See also:
Query The default query flags will be used for the selection
EntityView Select ( const Query q  )  const

return view based on a query object

See also:
Query The default query flags will be used for the selection
void SetDefaultQueryFlags ( QueryFlags  flags  ) 

set default query flags these will be used if flags are not explicitely specified as a second argument to a Select call

void SetTransform ( const geom::Transform t  ) 

set transformation that will affect this entity

void Swap ( EntityHandle eh  ) 

swaps implementations on the entity handle level

Friends And Related Function Documentation

DLLEXPORT_OST_MOL EntityHandle CreateEntity (  )  [related]

create entity

friend class ICSEditor [friend]

Definition at line 57 of file entity_handle.hh.

friend class XCSEditor [friend]

Definition at line 56 of file entity_handle.hh.

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