Todo List

Global ost::gfx::Entity::PickAtom (const geom::Line3 &line, Real line_width=0.5)
honour object transformation

Global ost::gfx::Entity::PickBond (const geom::Line3 &line, Real line_width=0.5)
honour object transformation

Global ost::mol::ChainView::GetResidueList () const
Residue list may be unordered. Is it the responsibility of the method building the view to have them ordered or is it our job?

Global ost::mol::EntityVisitor::VisitBond (const BondHandle &b)
not implemented for views

Global ost::mol::EntityVisitor::VisitTorsion (const TorsionHandle &t)
Not implemented for views

Global ost::mol::impl::ResidueImpl::FindAtom (const String &aname) const
make the return type a AtomImplList, since there may be several atoms with the given name.

Class Primitive
transparent primitives would require the gfx objects to be ordered back to front. This has to be properly implemented in the rendering system.

Class Quad
this class should be part of a more sophisticated polygon rendering class.
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