Public Member Functions
TorsionHandle Class Reference

#include <torsion_handle.hh>

Public Member Functions

 TorsionHandle ()
 TorsionHandle (const impl::TorsionImplP &im)
Handle validity
 operator bool () const
bool IsValid () const
void Apply (EntityVisitor &v)
const StringGetName () const

Accessing atoms

AtomHandle GetFirst () const
AtomHandle GetSecond () const
AtomHandle GetThird () const
AtomHandle GetFourth () const
Real GetAngle () const
geom::Vec3 GetPos () const
geom::Vec3 GetOriginalPos () const
impl::TorsionImplPImpl ()
const impl::TorsionImplPImpl () const
void CheckValidity () const

Detailed Description

Named torsion (dihedral) angle.

A torsion (angle) is determined by three consecutive connections, which means by four consecutive atoms, and is defined by the two planes, one formed by A1-A2-A3, the other by A2-A3-A4

Torsion are named, such that they can be retrieved later by name. They are usually added to the entity when loaded from file. For ab-initio model building, the torsions may be added manually or by an appropriate builder from the conop module such as conop::HeuristicBuilder.

The angle of the torsion may be adjusted with via a call to XCSEditor::SetTorsionAngle.

See also
Roll Helix Example

Definition at line 44 of file torsion_handle.hh.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ TorsionHandle() [1/2]

necessary dummy ctor, creates invalid handle

◆ TorsionHandle() [2/2]

ctor for internal use, in public interface for convenience purposes

Member Function Documentation

◆ Apply()

void Apply ( EntityVisitor v)

entry point for entity visitor

◆ CheckValidity()

void CheckValidity ( ) const

◆ GetAngle()

Real GetAngle ( ) const

get dihedral angle based on whatever coordinate system is available

◆ GetFirst()

AtomHandle GetFirst ( ) const

return first atom

◆ GetFourth()

AtomHandle GetFourth ( ) const

return fourth atom

◆ GetName()

const String& GetName ( ) const

◆ GetOriginalPos()

geom::Vec3 GetOriginalPos ( ) const

get position, i.e midpoint between the second and third atom (original coordinates)

◆ GetPos()

geom::Vec3 GetPos ( ) const

get position, i.e midpoint between the second and third atom (transformed coordinates)

◆ GetSecond()

AtomHandle GetSecond ( ) const

return second atom

◆ GetThird()

AtomHandle GetThird ( ) const

return third atom

◆ Impl() [1/2]

impl::TorsionImplP& Impl ( )

Definition at line 90 of file torsion_handle.hh.

◆ Impl() [2/2]

const impl::TorsionImplP& Impl ( ) const

Definition at line 94 of file torsion_handle.hh.

◆ IsValid()

bool IsValid ( ) const

check validity of handle

See also
operator bool()

◆ operator bool()

operator bool ( ) const

check validity of handle

check, whether the torsion handle points to a valid torsion.

It is an error to use any method other than IsValid, Impl() and operator bool() when the handle is invalid. An InvalidHandle exception will be thrown.

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