Data Structures
Here are the data structures with brief descriptions:
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 CAlignedCuboidAxis-aligned cuboid
 CCuboidAxisCuboid axis defined by a normalized direction vector and a half extent
 CCuboidArbitrary oriented bounding cuboid
 CQuatUnit quaternion
 CTransformBasic and essential transformation class, including translation, rotation and center of rotation
 CVec3Three dimensional vector class, using Real precision
 CPairToTupleConverterHelper to convert between python tuple and std::pair
 CVectorToListConverterHelper to convert between python list tuple and std::vecot
 CFixedStringString class that uses an array of static size to hold the characters
 CGenericPropContainerImplBase class for the implementation
 CGenericPropContainerBase class for the handler classes
 CInvalidHandleSignals access of member functions of invalid handles
 CPagedArrayVector style container that splits content in pages, suited for large amounts of data. Comes with serialization functionality
 CPodVectorVector container that treats its data as POD - even if it isn't in the strict sense
 CStringRefConvenient datatype for referencing character data
 CTriMatrixTriangular matrix template