Public Member Functions
GenericPropContainer< H > Class Template Reference

#include <generic_property.hh>

Inherits ConstGenericPropContainer< H >.

Public Member Functions

void ClearProps ()
void SetStringProp (const String &key, const String &value)
void SetFloatProp (const String &key, Real value)
void SetIntProp (const String &key, int value)
void SetBoolProp (const String &key, bool value)
void SetVec3Prop (const String &key, geom::Vec3 value)
void RemoveProp (const String &key)
- Public Member Functions inherited from ConstGenericPropContainer< H >
bool HasProp (const String &key) const
String GetPropAsString (const String &key) const
String GetStringProp (const String &key) const
Real GetFloatProp (const String &key) const
int GetIntProp (const String &key) const
bool GetBoolProp (const String &key) const
geom::Vec3 GetVec3Prop (const String &key) const
String GetStringProp (const String &key, const String &def) const
Real GetFloatProp (const String &key, Real def) const
int GetIntProp (const String &key, int def) const
bool GetBoolProp (const String &key, bool def) const
std::map< String, GenericPropValueGetPropMap () const
std::vector< StringGetPropList () const

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from ConstGenericPropContainer< H >
template<typename T >
gp_get (const String &key) const
template<typename T >
gp_get (const String &key, const T &def) const
GenericPropContainerImplGetImpl ()
const GenericPropContainerImplGetImpl () const

Detailed Description

template<typename H>
class ost::GenericPropContainer< H >

base class for the handler classes

Definition at line 337 of file generic_property.hh.

Member Function Documentation

◆ ClearProps()

void ClearProps ( )

Definition at line 341 of file generic_property.hh.

◆ RemoveProp()

void RemoveProp ( const String key)

Definition at line 382 of file generic_property.hh.

◆ SetBoolProp()

void SetBoolProp ( const String key,
bool  value 

\ brief sets boolean property

Definition at line 369 of file generic_property.hh.

◆ SetFloatProp()

void SetFloatProp ( const String key,
Real  value 

sets floating point property

Definition at line 355 of file generic_property.hh.

◆ SetIntProp()

void SetIntProp ( const String key,
int  value 

sets integer property

Definition at line 362 of file generic_property.hh.

◆ SetStringProp()

void SetStringProp ( const String key,
const String value 

sets String property

Definition at line 348 of file generic_property.hh.

◆ SetVec3Prop()

void SetVec3Prop ( const String key,
geom::Vec3  value 

\ brief sets Vec3 property

Definition at line 376 of file generic_property.hh.

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