Data Class Referenceabstract

#include <data.hh>

Inherits ConstData.

Inherited by ImageHandle, and NullData.

Public Member Functions

Initialization and Deconstruction
 Data ()
virtual ~Data ()
virtual void SetSpatialOrigin (const Point &o)=0
- Public Member Functions inherited from ConstData
 ConstData ()
virtual ~ConstData ()
virtual DataType GetType () const =0
virtual DataDomain GetDomain () const =0
bool IsSpatial () const
bool IsFrequency () const
bool IsReal () const
bool IsComplex () const
virtual Extent GetExtent () const =0
virtual Point GetSpatialOrigin () const =0
Size GetSize () const
virtual Real GetReal (const Point &p) const =0
virtual Complex GetComplex (const Point &p) const =0
virtual Real GetIntpolReal (const Vec3 &v) const =0
virtual Real GetIntpolReal (const Vec2 &v) const =0
virtual Real GetIntpolReal (const Real &d) const =0
virtual Complex GetIntpolComplex (const Vec3 &v) const =0
virtual Complex GetIntpolComplex (const Vec2 &v) const =0
virtual Complex GetIntpolComplex (const Real &d) const =0
virtual void Attach (DataObserver *o) const =0
virtual void Detach (DataObserver *o) const =0
virtual void Notify () const =0
virtual Real OverallDifference (const ConstData &d) const
virtual Real NormDifference (const ConstData &d) const
Vec3 GetPixelSampling () const
Vec3 GetSpatialSampling () const
Vec3 GetFrequencySampling () const

Sampling interface

void SetPixelSampling (const Vec3 &)
void SetPixelSampling (Real d)
void SetSpatialSampling (const Vec3 &)
void SetSpatialSampling (Real d)
virtual void Apply (NonModAlgorithm &a) const =0
virtual void ApplyIP (NonModAlgorithm &a) const =0
 Data (const Data &d)
Dataoperator= (const Data &d)

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from ConstData
virtual PixelSamplingSampling ()=0
virtual const PixelSamplingSampling () const =0
void CalcIntpolWeights (Vec3 v, Real w[8], Point p[8]) const
 ConstData (const ConstData &d)
ConstDataoperator= (const ConstData &d)

Detailed Description

Abstract base class for data.

The non-const Data class is expanded slightly in functionality, as it offers some modification routines, namely

It servers mainly as the base class for ImageHandle.

Definition at line 253 of file data.hh.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ Data() [1/2]

Data ( )

◆ ~Data()

virtual ~Data ( )

◆ Data() [2/2]

Data ( const Data d)

Member Function Documentation

◆ Apply()

virtual void Apply ( NonModAlgorithm a) const
pure virtual

Algorithm interface: NonModAlgorithm.

Implements ConstData.

Implemented in NullData, and ImageHandle.

◆ ApplyIP()

virtual void ApplyIP ( NonModAlgorithm a) const
pure virtual

Implements ConstData.

Implemented in NullData, and ImageHandle.

◆ operator=()

Data& operator= ( const Data d)

◆ SetPixelSampling() [1/2]

void SetPixelSampling ( const Vec3 &  )

◆ SetPixelSampling() [2/2]

void SetPixelSampling ( Real  d)

Set uniform pixel dimensions of the current domain.

Definition at line 276 of file data.hh.

◆ SetSpatialOrigin()

virtual void SetSpatialOrigin ( const Point o)
pure virtual

Set the spatial origin.

Implemented in ImageHandle, and NullData.

◆ SetSpatialSampling() [1/2]

void SetSpatialSampling ( const Vec3 &  )

set spatial pixel dimensions (non-uniform)

◆ SetSpatialSampling() [2/2]

void SetSpatialSampling ( Real  d)

set spatial pixel dimensions (uniform)

Definition at line 280 of file data.hh.

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