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ost Namespace Reference


namespace  bindings
namespace  conop
namespace  db
namespace  geom
namespace  gfx
namespace  info
namespace  io
namespace  mol
namespace  qa
namespace  seq
namespace  settings
namespace  stutil

Data Structures

struct  PairToTupleConverter
 helper to convert between python tuple and std::pair More...
class  VectorAdditions
class  FixedString
 string class that uses an array of static size to hold the characters More...
struct  GenericPropError
class  GenericPropContainerImpl
 base class for the implementation More...
class  ConstGenericPropContainer
class  GenericPropContainer
 base class for the handler classes More...
class  IntegrityError
class  InvalidHandle
 Signals access of member functions of invalid handles. More...
class  Logger
class  LogSink
class  StreamLogSink
class  FileLogSink
class  MultiLogSink
class  Error
class  PodVector
 vector container that treats its data as POD - even if it isn't in the strict sense. More...
class  Profile
struct  Range
class  StringRef
 convenient datatype for referencing character data More...
class  TriMatrix
 triangular matrix template More...
struct  Units


typedef boost::variant< String,
Real, int, bool > 
typedef std::stack< LogSinkPtrLogSinkStack
typedef boost::shared_ptr
< LogSink
typedef boost::shared_ptr
< FileLogSink
typedef boost::shared_ptr
< MultiLogSink


template<typename T , typename F >
boost::shared_ptr< T > dyn_cast (F f)
template<typename H >
void CheckHandleValidity (const H &handle)
void DLLEXPORT_OST_BASE SetPrefixPath (const String &prefix)
String DLLEXPORT_OST_BASE GetPrefixPath ()
String DLLEXPORT_OST_BASE GetSharedDataPath ()
DLLEXPORT_OST_BASE std::ostream & operator<< (std::ostream &stream, const StringRef &strref)
bool DLLEXPORT_OST_BASE compare_files (const String &test, const String &gold_standard)


tuple scene = gfx.Scene()

Typedef Documentation

typedef boost::shared_ptr<FileLogSink> FileLogSinkPtr

Definition at line 71 of file log_sink.hh.

typedef boost::variant<String, Real, int, bool> GenericPropValue

Definition at line 54 of file generic_property.hh.

typedef boost::shared_ptr<LogSink> LogSinkPtr

Definition at line 41 of file log_sink.hh.

typedef std::stack<LogSinkPtr> LogSinkStack

Definition at line 30 of file log.hh.

typedef boost::shared_ptr<MultiLogSink> MultiLogSinkPtr

Definition at line 84 of file log_sink.hh.

Function Documentation

void ost::CheckHandleValidity ( const H &  handle)

Definition at line 38 of file invalid_handle.hh.

bool DLLEXPORT_OST_BASE ost::compare_files ( const String test,
const String gold_standard 
boost::shared_ptr<T> ost::dyn_cast ( f)

a convenient shortcut for the painfully long boost::dynamic_pointer_cast

Definition at line 29 of file dyn_cast.hh.

String DLLEXPORT_OST_BASE ost::GetPrefixPath ( )

get the path prefix

String DLLEXPORT_OST_BASE ost::GetSharedDataPath ( )
DLLEXPORT_OST_BASE std::ostream& ost::operator<< ( std::ostream &  stream,
const StringRef &  strref 
void DLLEXPORT_OST_BASE ost::SetPrefixPath ( const String prefix)

set path prefix

Variable Documentation

tuple scene = gfx.Scene()

Definition at line 29 of file