ost.bindings.dssp Namespace Reference


def AssignDSSP
def LoadDSSP

Function Documentation

def ost.bindings.dssp.AssignDSSP (   ent,
  pdb_path = "",
  extract_burial_status = False,
  tmp_dir = None,
  dssp_bin = None 
Assign secondary structure states to peptide residues in the structure. This
function uses the DSSP command line program.

If you already have a DSSP output file and would like to assign the secondary 
structure states to an entity, use :func:`LoadDSSP`.

:param ent: The entity for which the secondary structure should be calculated
:type ent: :class:`~ost.mol.EntityHandle` or :class:`~ost.mol.EntityView`
:param extract_burial_status: If true, also extract burial status
:param tmp_dir: If set, overrides the default tmp directory of the
                operating system
:param dssp_bin: The path to the DSSP executable
:raises: :class:`~ost.settings.FileNotFound` if the dssp executable is not 
    in the path.
:raises: :class:`RuntimeError` when dssp is executed with errors

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def ost.bindings.dssp.LoadDSSP (   file_name,
  extract_burial_status = 0,
  entity_saved_flag = 0,
  calculate_relative_sa = True 

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